Mobile App As a Brand Marketing Channel: Benefits Apps Provide to Brands

Mobile apps are the best tool as it helps automate your business and provide better customer service. If any business with a unique online presence can attract more customers and can achieve the target business goals. As the adoption of mobile technology enhancing their brand’s visibility and to reach out to their customers as part of their effective brand marketing channels mobile app usage is drastically increasing in the business world. Reports are showing that customers are giving more preference to the branded app rather than buy from the company. In the middle east region, the mobile app industry is flourishing and Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai are ready to help your business to make a powerful online presence through trending mobile apps.

Let’s have a look at what reap huge benefits you can achieve through mobile apps.

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Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia

Enhancing brand awareness

As brand awareness is proven as one of the most powerful ways to boost customer loyalty, mobile apps are one of the best platforms to enhance the brand awareness of any business. A mobile app having a simple and user-friendly interface will get involved customers with your app, the sooner they can tend to buy your products and services.

Increase user engagement

In the success of a mobile app, active customers are the central metrics. Leading Apps Development Companies in Dubai will increase user engagement by adding the app features like gamification, synchronization, push notification and also by keeping the data section simple.

Increase customer loyalty

A mobile app with a wider range of options can redefine the customer relationship and rewarding loyalty with more personalized experiences.

Increase sales

Today mobile shopping is more convenient for customers, so a well-designed user-friendly app can cater to the targeted audience. Mobile App Development Company in Dubai with great expertise in mobile technologies creates mobile apps that will help to achieve seamless connectivity and enhance the customer experience.
Social network marketing

This is one of the best ways that will connect brands with targeted prospects and providing value-adding resources to establish awareness and trust. Build a relationship with your prospects, establish yourself as an industry expert and share your story are the top ways that professional digital sellers and marketers are using social selling to increase sales on social media. You can use social media contents like  Podcasts, Infographics, Webinars, Videos, Client testimonials, Ebooks, Guides, Photos, Videos, User-generated content, etc to drive engagement.

Scaling up your audience

Mobile apps help to scale up customer base across the world. Personalization allows geo-targeted push notifications, localization and location-based brands can send specific messages to their target user audience. So you must ensure that your app provides all the features that your target audience is looking for.

Create a direct marketing channel.

Today business brands are fully embracing the mobile revolution as it delivering informative and insightful data about the brands directly to the users. Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai with the advent of disruptive technologies such as AI, AR/VR, creating new ways to market products. Beyond email or SMS communication mobile apps providing direct interactive communication through push notifications.

  • Investing in a mobile app will bring advantages like 
  • Online marketing and promotions
  • Presenting the products and services in a better way
  • Allow online shopping whenever the customer  required
  • A user-friendly mobile app is very convenient for customers to use
  • To improve the level of professionalism

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At the development phase, you can make the app to help market it by itself once it launches by adding some specific features, let’s have a look.

  • Make it easy to share
  • Implement the right mobile app analytics
  • Push notifications help to  engage users after launch
  • Enable  app feedback mechanism
  • The pop-up deployment will help  to announce future app updates
  • Build a branding style guide for your app
  • A demo video make future users excited about your app
  • Create a press release to convince journalists to cover your app
  • Follow a good  SEO strategy to drive traffic to your app


Leveraging mobile app technology for your business is the best way to compete with industry leaders. Hire the best-in-class  App Development Company in Dubai explore the new marketing avenues and jump on the wagon. 

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How to make a successful mobile app

In this digital world, a mobile app is strong enough to support a profitable business. The rapid adoption of mobile app technologies helps the business to get more opportunities and wider audience, so business enterprises regardless of size and industry realizing the advantages of going mobile. In the middle east region, the market of mobile apps is highly competitive, Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai are competing to develop innovative apps that can create value for both business and users. If you want to bring your business to the next level using mobile apps, ensure the visibility of your mobile app is followed by one of the leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai.

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A mobile app that gives a unique value, great usability and good performance will stand out from the crowd. Do deep research and hire a great expertise App Development Companies in Dubai to make customer-centric mobile apps for your business that can bring great user satisfaction.

Best Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabaia

So let’s have a look at what makes a mobile app success.

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For a successful mobile app, you can see two features like consumer-centric and business-centric features.

Determine your Audience

Customers make an app successful best market research will help to define and understand your target audience and also you will be able to target them. To define your target audience first identify the customer problems and needs, profile your current customer, observe your competitors.

Define your business model

A business model explains how the company operates, makes money and how it intends to achieve the goals. Try to choose the best business model that fits your business. Video adds and in-app purchases are the two widely used business models.

Right technology

A mobile app is an amazing business tool as it opens incredible opportunities. Choose the right mobile technology to build a successful mobile app. An experienced and expert Mobile App Development Company in Dubai will help you to choose any one of the following techniques that will go for your business.

Platform-Specific Native App

Native apps will support any particular platform, Android or iOS. It has advantages like

  • Broad functionalities
  • Fast and responsive software performance
  • Push notifications
  • UI that having better matches with user experiences of the OS
  • Quality assurance

Cross-Platform Native App

A cross-platform app will work across multiple types of platforms or operating environments.


  • Reusable Code Components
  • Speed
  • Reduced Costs

React Native and Flutter are common technologies using for cross-platform native apps.

Hybrid App

Hybrid applications are compatible with all devices and operating systems.


  • Cost-effective
  • portability
  • quick deploy ability

Simple UI/UX design

This is one of the significant elements that make an app successful as it leads to better user acquisition and higher download number. A convenient user interface with simple navigation will help for the better and more successful for your app.

App Security

App security is a benefit, one breach may cost your company a lifetime trust rather than millions of dollars. A leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai giving value to their customer s build security to their apps through the following ways.

  • Writing secure code
  • Encrypt all data
  • Be extra cautious with libraries
  • Using authorized API
  • High-level authentication
  • Testing repeatedly

Third-party integration

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It is the best way to increase user retention and also to boost the credibility of your apps.API integration benefits like fewer cost, more value, convenient app, and business ensigns. Following are some of them

  • Accounting: Xero & Sage
  • ERP: SAP, NetSuite, Minsoft, CefaSoft
  • Product Content: Etillize
  • Finance: Hitachi Finance
  • Payment GatewayS: Sage, Braintree, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Klarna, ePDQ, Worldpay
  • Marketplaces: ChannelAdvisor, Amazon, eBay
  • Email Marketing: Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Bronto
  • Other API: Dropbox, Google Shopping feeds & tag manager, Creative A/B testing. Shop Socially  and Facebook Pixel& feed

Regular updates

Maintenance is one of the most important parts of the app development process. Constant improvements like bug fixing, add more features and also keep your app coherent with recent OS changes, will help your app to stay in the competitive market.

Maintain high performance

Make sure that your app works flawlessly and always stay on top of and fix any bugs, crashes or slow performance. Test continuously to ensure the high performance of your app.


Providing uniquely personal app experiences that drive brand engagement and conversion. Apart from the same push notifications or the same discount to everyone needs personalized experience.

Here are some ways to personalize your app.

  •  Personalize the on boarding experience
  • Implement in-app and push notifications
  • Incentive’s a few activities
  • Create an in-app community of users
  • Get the users involved in-app improvements


All the business including both startups and established entrepreneurs are taking over the mobile applications. In the middle east region, you can easily find a Mobile App Development Company in Dubai who can provide world-class mobile applications using trending technologies.

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How are mobile apps helping professional travelers?

Mobile app technology has brought large revolution in travel and tourism industry. Today in this digitally advanced world travel and tourism companies are leveraging the advantages of  latest mobile technology trends like Internet of things, Virtual Reality ,Augmented Reality  technologies and GPS devices to give the best travel experiences to the users  and  through enhance efficiency as well as agility in this increasingly competitive marketplace. In the middle east region there are many Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai can assist you in developing and launching your travel application as per your requirements.

A well -developed travel app provides an awesome travelling experience. Let’s have a look at some of the best  features in travel apps that help  professional travelers.

GPS and Navigation

The geo location feature help travelers to travel around the world freely as it allows to find any nearby places such as restaurants ,medical shops ,bars etc. Travel apps making a new place more comfortable and allow to understand the location clearly.

Live tracking is the best feature, it gives a clear idea about the distance to destination and also how long it will take to reach the pickup point.

Weather forecast

A real-time weather forecast integrated travel app tell user about the temperature, wind speed, humidity and many more including live weather updates. This will help travelers to come to know in advance about the climate and can get ready based on it and make the trip well planned and well spent.

Booking service

Travel apps  save money and time through smart booking .The industry leading  App Development Companies in Dubai offers travel apps with advanced booking features like check availability, instant booking etc to make travel arrangements faster.

Social traveling

This allow users to share plan of travel  via social medias like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.Easy transaction

As  tourism sector is upgrading with latest digital technology trends ,If you are in the travel business and  have a plan to develop an travel app hire one of  the leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai .You can see different types of travel applications like

Ticket booking apps

It allows to book ticket for travelling including choose the best seat board.

Accommodations booking apps

Accommodation apps allows the easy accommodation booking including comparison with others, it help the user to make the most beneficial choice.

Airbnb and are the best examples.

Guides and maps

Travel apps will give clear idea for site seeing, shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, and many other interesting places in the city that you decide to visit.

Best example is Google Maps and Citymapper

Travel Planning Apps

Travel planning apps is a great helper for headache free travel planning, it helps to make a list of things you should take with you on the road, think of places to visit at your destination beforehand, take care of all possible routes in advance.

Triplt, Packpoint are  best example for travel planning apps.

Entertainment Planning Apps

These entertainment planning app will give the real time trip information including what exactly is worth visiting in a particular country.

Example yelp and TripAdvisor .

Benefits for travel business

Mobile app has changed the face of the travel and tourism industry, So developing a user friendly mobile app will increase your customers and profit in the travel business.

Easy management of bookings

Best marketing tool

Business automation

Increase customer engagement


Now travel booking apps are becoming popular  and one of the essential component in the travel niche as it help to plan your trip easily. So if you are going to develop an travel app then you need to explore the field and check the various features that make your app user friendly.All the leading App Development Companies in Dubai  are trying to make their mobile apps more powerful  using trending technologies to engage  more customers and take business to the new height.