Today mobile apps have fast become a necessity and smartphones are everywhere in human life even for booking a cab, ordering food, tracking location and whatnot. The tremendous growth of IT in the Middle East region shows How mobile app development and Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai transforming the business world.

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What is the RTA app?

RTA is an award-winning mobile app in Dubai to make travel more efficient and smoother, it supports Arabic, English, Hindi & Russian languages. The transport industry is one of the biggest industry have taken the advantages of mobile applications faster. Before the travel apps mainly used for navigation and location-based services but now the with the help of trending mobile app technologies leading Mobile App Developers in Dubai creates mobile applications for transportation companies including features like traffic data collection, travel information, route planning, ride sharing, etc.

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Features of the RTA app

  • It supports multiple languages like Arabic, English, and Hindi & Russian.
  • This app support wearable’s to watch the journey of users and allow to perform secure payments.
  •  Simple registration and login features with the ability to discuss with RTA agents via chat features.
  • It provides safe driving with an advanced dashboard that provides users with a personal profile along with personal and emergency numbers.
  • This app including parking services for guests and can and retains their parked position as well as obtaining parking locations in Dubai.
  • Allow booking taxi services after login and can order a taxi for their transport services.

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like RTA Dubai?

Mobile App development cost  ranges extremely from total zero to unbelievably expensive price that could reach millions. So it is difficult to answer this question cost to develop an app?, it depends on multiple factors including which Mobile App Development Company in Dubai you are going to choose. Let’s have a look at the multiple factors

  • Type of the mobile app(mobile game, business, social networking, lifestyle. etc.)
  • App Platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.)
  • App Design (basic, individual, custom)
  • Number of pages

DxMinds Technologies is the leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai that offers high-quality mobile apps using trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Chatbot, etc.DxMinds introduced DxTravela – A travel portal solution platform will help you travel business to bring online.

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The approximate cost of building an app like RTA at DxMinds is between $ 20,000 and $30,000 depending on features and platforms.

So if you have a plan to develop a travel app make sure about the following features

Offline Support

Offline support ensures the availability of the app at any location if the internet connection is not available also.

Driver and Vehicle Tracking

 GPS, location-based services LBS, and Telematics are the trending technologies help to track moving vehicles globally with real-time updated data, history and communication.

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Shipment Tracking

This feature allows you to log carrier and delivery information and generally helps to track the shipment. The rise of Things, allow companies to make logistics management app that can allow employees to attach photos, documents, and even barcodes and thus simplify the data collection process.

Driver / Job Log

It helps both drivers or employees to keep a daily log of activities — recording the mileage traveled, number of pickups and deliveries and the details of the same, total hours of work done, vehicle health, etc.

Route Planning

 GPS enabled mobile apps allows the entire process is updated by a real-time interface with Map display capabilities. It will help with better rote planning.

Dubai is one of the world’s most agile emerging city, leading App Development Company in Dubai help business to go online and reach a wider audience to achieve business goals. Entrepreneurs of Dubai have their hearts on innovative mobile apps that increase the demand for innovative Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai.


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