An extensive guide to messaging app development in Middle East

iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, WeChat, or ChapStick are well known to everyone today. In Middle East countries social media has become one of the most essential parts of daily internet usage and the Emirati population has taken to social media like fish to water. Like any other country, you can see the large scale rise in the adoption of smartphones in the UAE.

For any business, communication is the driving force behind productivity. Entrepreneurs from different industries making a partnership with leading Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai to achieve the business goal. Among business owners who decide to pursue the idea of developing a messenger app, the question often arises is how to make a chat app?
In the development process of messaging apps, you should have a clear idea about the standard and additional features of the best chat apps, technology stack needed to create chat app, costs required to develop a messaging app.
Let’s have a detailed look

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Must-have functionality of messaging app

Let’s have a look at the core functionalities needed in a messaging in-app.
Instant messaging

The main feature of messaging app is that fast and small messages can deliver form one user within a small amount of time, so this is the main feature of messaging apps including features like the status of delivery, unsent message, group chats, etc. The following are some core features that leading App Development Companies in Dubai including in the messaging apps to make the app unique.

Secret chat delivery status
Unsent message
Group chats

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Voice and video messages

It allows users to send video and audio messages when the customer doesn’t want to type long messages.

Voice and video calls

Adding more communication trending features you provide, the more convenient your app will be for users including group video calls.

File exchange

This feature allows the instant sharing of photos, GIFs, videos, documents, and other content and also helps the user to send multiple files over the same time.

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Photo editing

One of the most popular types of files to exchange is the photo. With the help of a leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai add some amazing features.

Public channels

Messaging applications are a powerful marketing tool that companies, bloggers, and professional communities use these apps to make announcements. The admins only can create posts in public channels; subscribers can like and comment on existing posts.

There are two types of social network integration quick registration and file sharing. The quick registration allows the user to choose to link their messenger profile with a social network profile it saves time on typing information. The file-sharing via social media accounts, some messengers provide custom buttons on the websites that allow users to share posts from the websites directly in the messenger.

Technology stack needed to create a chat app

Communication protocols

Choose a communication protocol that is especially important for a messaging app since it should provide a seamless and low-latency connection between all chat participants. Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol (XMPP), Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), WebSockets are some of the communication protocols you might consider.

Programming language

Choose a programming language for server-side implementation and the back end must be reliable, scalable, and support millions of connections per node. Leading Mobile App Developers in Dubaialso using Golang and Erlang as it proved reliable solutions for messaging app development.

Storing chat history

Storing chat history is very important in a messaging app, there are two approaches in the cloud, storing data in the cloud means that messages will be available when a user switches to another device. Viber allows users to back up their chat history in Google Drive and also users can enable auto backup, but this feature stores only text messages.

Implementation details

Overall app architecture
A real-time messaging app is responsible for establishing a connection between a client and a server for authentication, event processing, message routing, and other purposes.
Media service, queue, File storage, database cluster, key-value cache cluster, time-series database, notification service, SMS service and push notifications service are important for messaging apps.
Message flow
The messages are distributed in a group with three participants like the sender to API Node 1 via the Load Balancer, API Node 1 processes the message, the Queue delivers the message to each API Node, API Node 2 skips the message for the Web Client but delivers it to the iOS client and API Node 3 skips the message for the iOS client and deliver to Web Client.
Architectural patterns
With the help of a leading Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai choose the right architectural pattern to compete with market leaders.
Audio and video calls
Using WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) a common solution for audio and video calls.

The availability of super-fast internet and smartphone at very low prices makes mobile apps to everyone. The mobile app development market in UAE is highly competitive, so if you have a plan for messaging app hire the best Mobile Apps Development Company in Dubai for your next big app.

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Top Artificial Intelligence Frameworks & Tools

AI is a big game-changer in the global economy, in the Middle East AI disrupts markets through the creation of innovative new services and entirely new business models. In the Middle East region, today’s business leaders understand that AI is an increasingly important tool for future growth and prosperity and are investing accordingly in leading Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai for success. Middle East countries, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Qatar are taking bold steps—through increased investment across sectors and policy awareness and commitment—to prepare and position for dramatic progress using AI.

The leading app developers all around the globe including App Development Companies in Dubai also using some of the best AI frameworks and tools to develop artificial intelligence apps.

Let’s have a look

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TensorFlow is one of the most popular open-source AI frameworks. It uses data-flow graphs and machine learning for complex numerical computations of high volumes. Tech giants like Intel, Google, SAP, and Nvidia already sed this framework.

Microsoft CNTK

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit is an open-source toolkit for deep-learning, using a directed graph to describe neural networks as a series of computational steps. It is having its own model description language called BrainScript and also be included with Python, C++ any .NET language including C#.

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A neural network library written in Python, It has a high level of abstraction, making the configuration of neural networks easy regardless of the framework it is sitting on.


Defining, optimizing and evaluating mathematical expressions easily. By pairing with elements of a computer algebra system (CAS)this tool allows mathematical expressions that require repeated and fast evaluation to get an ideal environment.

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Sci-kit Learn

This tool is a Python library that supports both supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Being the multipurpose AI development tools, it supports classification, regression, and clustering algorithms, and also, dimensionality reduction, model selection, and preprocessing.


It is a deep learning framework in collaboration with community contributors and suitable for research experiments and industry deployments because it can process over 60M images per day with a single NVIDIA K40 GPU.


A scientific computing framework for scientific and numerical operations helps to builds algorithms with speed, flexibility, and simplicity. A powerful N-dimensional array helps for the operations such as slicing and indexing and also offers linear algebra routines and neural network models.

In this digital era most of the business in the middle east region making a partnership with leading Mobile App Developers in Dubai to achieve great success.Being a rapidly developing technology, this trending technology offers significant development opportunities that many companies have already been quick to seize upon we’ll, look at some of the ways your company can benefit from AI.

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Save time and money

This technology is automating routine process much like industrial era machines automated labor. To make informed decision AI systems will take a short moment. When comes to money an experienced and expertise Mobile App Development Company in Dubai can help the business to save money also with process automation, the reduction of error, and AI’s capabilities boosting customer experience and sales, you can not only save money on otherwise expensive business processes but also increase revenue.

Generate business insights

The aI-enabled system can help businesses data-mine processing billions of data points in an instant and also can provide accurate predictions about future outcomes based on historical data with the help of Predictive analytics. Many industries like retail, banking, and healthcare utilizing this technology trend.

Reduce error

AI is not as prone to errors as humans are, it makes decisions based on the available data only. In the Middle East region, the app development market is booming and the demand for leading Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai specializes in AI is increasing, It shows that most of the business preferring AI for abounding success.

Enhance customer experience

AI can create customized experiences for customers and enhance the customer experience. A well-designed app from the Best Mobile Apps Development Company in Dubai will be prepared to treat customers in an individualized way.

Above are some of the best benefits you will get through AI-enabled business solutions. So, creating a powerful mobile app sing this trending technology with the help of the best App Development Company in Dubai will help your business to stand out from the crowd.

Future Trends and Predictions of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in 2020

In this digital era, the creation of intelligent machines sing AI -the trending technology utilizes to understand and improve business and customer experiences. In the Middle East region leading Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai provides AI-driven innovation into new areas of industry, fields of science, and our day-to-day lives.

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Today you can see the impact of AI everywhere including different industry sectors like

  • TransportationHealthcare
  • Education
  • Media
  • Customer Service

Let’s have a look at the future trends and predictions of AI technology.

AI Assistance

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AI assistants will help to automate worldwide customer service and sales tasks. Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant are some smart assistants were used by increasing numbers of businesses to perform important tasks.

The blending of Blockchain, IoT and AI

Blending AI with different trending technologies like Blockchain and IoT can make a positive impact. self-driven vehicles with the help of IoT and AI and also the combination of Blockchain with AI help to deal with stability, scalability and confidence problems.

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AI-enabled chips

AI-enabled chips make CPUs “smart” and optimize their tasks. These chips solve and perform complicated tasks faster, Giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google are expanding their AI-enabled chip investment for better performance.

AI-Fueled entertainment and media

The media and entertainment sector also utilizing AI technology, AI can be a contributor to story development, production, writing scripts, and even performance like acting.

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Advances in GPUs

GPUs are one of the best choices to simultaneously perform thousands of simple tasks.Apart from image rendering, modern GPUs are enough to be used in such as cryptocurrency mining or machine learning.

Facial recognition

Many businesses in the Middle East region reaching App Development Companies in Dubai for mobile application with facial recognition as it increases the accuracy and readability of the application. In recent years the massive investments and extensive research are going in this field.

Real-time customer interactions are driven by AI

 It makes possible real-time interactions on all channels. Customer retention, Customer recovery, etc are taking advantage of AI and also help advertisers reach new audiences through social media and other channels.

Advances in algorithm design

The advanced algorithm design makes AI to able to work more efficiently and to reach more people with less technical knowledge.

Biased data

In Critical decision-making such as the recruiting and acceptance of mortgage loans, AI is more helpful for organizations.

Advancement of traditional industries

This is one of the indispensable tools of survival for organizations from different industries. The success of any business will rely directly on their ability to prepare their human resources for change in the post-AI environment.

Reinforcement Learning

This is a machine learning subset that allows AI agents to take action to optimize their rewards. To make predictions using conventional research and learn by experience instead of patterns.

AI-fueled cyber security systems

Cyber-attacks are growing tremendously AI allows Cyber-threatened hunting is a constructive way of identifying and stopping malicious attackers.

Artificial intelligence can reshape and redefine the way we live and work. In Dubai business are taking advantage of AI-driven solutions by making a partnership with the Best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. Some of the predictions about how AI will develop in the coming year and what new applications will become more common in society.

Human Augmentation

Human augmentation can be purely in the physical by increasing their capabilities using various gadgets and technologies.

Multi Experience

The technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) which can provide multi-dimensional experiences that were never seen before means it makes it possible that people can experience interactions with technology that are multi-sensory.


The rise of the robot will cause to rise of automation. In the future, it allows to make independent decisions using artificial intelligence and do tasks that only humans could do before.

Autonomous Things

Autonomous things are machines and robots that use artificial intelligence to automatically perform functions without the help of humans. As Artificial intelligence is becoming better day by day these autonomous things keep learning from each other and soon you may see autonomous robots a lot in public.


Mobile apps and the latest mobile app trends bring effectiveness and efficiency in day-to-day operations. The right investment in AI would help with significant benefits and advantages. Hire one of the leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai for abounding opportunities and success.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like RTA Dubai ?

Today mobile apps have fast become a necessity and smartphones are everywhere in human life even for booking a cab, ordering food, tracking location and whatnot. The tremendous growth of IT in the Middle East region shows How mobile app development and Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai transforming the business world.

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What is the RTA app?

RTA is an award-winning mobile app in Dubai to make travel more efficient and smoother, it supports Arabic, English, Hindi & Russian languages. The transport industry is one of the biggest industry have taken the advantages of mobile applications faster. Before the travel apps mainly used for navigation and location-based services but now the with the help of trending mobile app technologies leading Mobile App Developers in Dubai creates mobile applications for transportation companies including features like traffic data collection, travel information, route planning, ride sharing, etc.

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Features of the RTA app

  • It supports multiple languages like Arabic, English, and Hindi & Russian.
  • This app support wearable’s to watch the journey of users and allow to perform secure payments.
  •  Simple registration and login features with the ability to discuss with RTA agents via chat features.
  • It provides safe driving with an advanced dashboard that provides users with a personal profile along with personal and emergency numbers.
  • This app including parking services for guests and can and retains their parked position as well as obtaining parking locations in Dubai.
  • Allow booking taxi services after login and can order a taxi for their transport services.

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like RTA Dubai?

Mobile App development cost  ranges extremely from total zero to unbelievably expensive price that could reach millions. So it is difficult to answer this question cost to develop an app?, it depends on multiple factors including which Mobile App Development Company in Dubai you are going to choose. Let’s have a look at the multiple factors

  • Type of the mobile app(mobile game, business, social networking, lifestyle. etc.)
  • App Platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.)
  • App Design (basic, individual, custom)
  • Number of pages

DxMinds Technologies is the leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai that offers high-quality mobile apps using trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Chatbot, etc.DxMinds introduced DxTravela – A travel portal solution platform will help you travel business to bring online.

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The approximate cost of building an app like RTA at DxMinds is between $ 20,000 and $30,000 depending on features and platforms.

So if you have a plan to develop a travel app make sure about the following features

Offline Support

Offline support ensures the availability of the app at any location if the internet connection is not available also.

Driver and Vehicle Tracking

 GPS, location-based services LBS, and Telematics are the trending technologies help to track moving vehicles globally with real-time updated data, history and communication.

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Shipment Tracking

This feature allows you to log carrier and delivery information and generally helps to track the shipment. The rise of Things, allow companies to make logistics management app that can allow employees to attach photos, documents, and even barcodes and thus simplify the data collection process.

Driver / Job Log

It helps both drivers or employees to keep a daily log of activities — recording the mileage traveled, number of pickups and deliveries and the details of the same, total hours of work done, vehicle health, etc.

Route Planning

 GPS enabled mobile apps allows the entire process is updated by a real-time interface with Map display capabilities. It will help with better rote planning.

Dubai is one of the world’s most agile emerging city, leading App Development Company in Dubai help business to go online and reach a wider audience to achieve business goals. Entrepreneurs of Dubai have their hearts on innovative mobile apps that increase the demand for innovative Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai.

Ways To Promote Your Mobile Application On Social Media Platforms

Social media has become a massive platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations for fast and greater recognition and identification. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, etc are today’s trending social media platforms. The App development industry in the Middle East region is a highly competitive industry and the leading Mobile App Development Companies in Saudi Arabia launching mobile applications every day, so if your mobile app has to reach a wider audience you need to promote your mobile application on social media platforms.

Ways To Promote Your Mobile Application On Social Media Platforms

Here I enlisted some of the effective tips for social media marketing that will make your apps more successful and to drive up more demand.
Plan before the launching of app
Before marketing on social media make a clear idea about your audience and find out which social media channel will be appropriate for your business.
Creative content
A user-friendly, informative and high-quality content in planning and making your Social Media campaign to bring visibility to your app. Share videos on social media platforms related to your app that describe your application’s features, uses, etc that will keep your targeted audience engaged.
Use images carefully
An image is worth a thousand, Post the images like screenshots of the app, new message about a feature of the app or a tip for using it every day as well as add a relevant app picture with the post.
In middle east region app development market is booming, So hiring the leading Mobile Apps Development Company in Saudi Arabia and developing an innovative mobile app is easy but after the app launching, you have to do proper social media marketing for fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach almost half the world’s population.
Let’s have a look at the advantages of different social media platforms.
It is one of the interactive platforms to acquire users, Share content, update your followers with news, and ask about their experiences with the app.
Facebook is one of the best social media platforms that encourage community building. Promotions about the business such as discounts, special offers, or referral freebies, Run contests or giveaways for passes and free trials, Post an engaging mix of expert blog content, high-quality images, GIFs, and videos are some of the variety of ways to engage potential users.
This is a visual platform, allows you to post a video promo, a screenshot, or a website visual.
A business doesn’t need a mobile app to sell products but hiring a best-in-class Mobile Apps Development Company in Dubai will help your business to prepare for the future and start seeing the massive benefits right out the gate by developing high-performing mobile applications.
Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of mobile apps

  • It helps to provide more value to your customers
  • Help to build strong brand awareness
  • Allows better connection with customers
  • Increase the sales and revenue
  • Anytime availability

Apart from the above benefits having mobile apps will provide some additional benefits like

  • Help to reach younger demographics.
  • Mobile apps allow the synchronization of users’ email, as well as social media accounts.
  • Inform your users about new products and offers.

The mobile app is one of the great development in technology and it became one of the powerful tools in the business world. DxMinds is the leading Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia providing all mobile app development services like app development for Android and iOS platforms, React Native app development, Chatbot, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and many more all over the world. If you have any mobile app requirement Contact Us.

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5 Best mobile apps for entrepreneurs and small business owners in 2020

In this digital age, the use of mobile apps has grown at a rapid pace, and it’s continuing. A mobile-first approach is imperative for successful businesses as it helps to target your audience faster. Same as other countries, the middle east countries also have taken the advantages of mobile applications and today the number of businesses that are investing in hiring leading App Development Company in Dubai is drastically increasing.

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner having mobile apps give your brand a competitive edge but here I am discussing some of the best apps that help business owners to time and money and make the entrepreneurial life a little easier. There are different types of apps like financial apps, team Communication apps, task management apps, email management apps, social media scheduling apps, etc.

Let’s have a look at a few top apps that will automate your business process.

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Mint is one of the trending financial apps that help the business to easily manage the budget and make a better financial decision. It ensures that your business money is secure as it secured with 256-bit encryption and SSL. By bringing together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments it will let you know where you stand.
Rescue Time
This app allows the business owners to track every activity through a computer or your mobile phone and giving you an accurate picture of how much time you’re spending on productive tasks versus unproductive ones.
The pocket app allows busy entrepreneurs to stay up-to-date with current events, industry news, and that funny video your best friend sent and also you can quickly bookmark articles, documents, videos, or photos with ease and visit them later at your convenience. The best advantage of this app is that you can access the content from any device and even without Internet access.
Slack is a cloud-based platform that allows you can organize your team’s conversations into separate private or public channels or send a direct message. This instant messaging platform has the features like easy to drag, drop and share images, PDFs and also It automatically indexes and archives any message, notification or file.
Trello app helps to manage team and tasks on a single platform, It keeping track of tasks as simple as possible through features like centralizing communications, structure projects, and checking your tasks like never before.
The following are some of the different categories of apps that help your business to get things done faster and better .

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  • Financial apps – Wave, Fast Budget, Niagawan
  • Team Communication Apps – Calendly, Jandi
  • Task Management Apps – Trello, Todoist, Notion
  • Email Management Apps – Spark, BlueMail
  • Social Media Scheduling App – Hootsuite

As one of the most powerful tools mobile applications will restructure the operations and engage customers to compete in the global market, so first choose one of the leading App Development Company in Dubai. Let’s have a look at some of the important benefits of adopting proper mobile applications in your business

Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia

Mobile App Development Company in Kuwait

  • Improve Sales growth
  • Audience building
  • Direct Marketing and communication channels
  • Business processes optimization
  • Customer loyalty growth


DxMinds is one of the leading Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai has successfully partnered with the client from different industries like Healthcare App development education-Commerce, retail, banking & finance, media, government, sales, and automobile. Being the best in class App Development Companies in Dubai the services offered by DxMinds are mobile app development, chatbot, artificial intelligence, hybrid, AR, VR app development, Blockchain, Web app development, progressive web app development and react native app development, etc.

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How IoT Is Transforming Education Industry ?

Today technology has made it possible for us to lead more comfortable lives. Including the industry sectors like retail, manufacturing, healthcare, etc education industry also utilizing modern technologies such as IoT to deliver an interactive learning experience. In the middle east region leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, who are expertise in trending technologies help businesses from different industry sectors to grab the opportunities that mobile technology presents. IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the best mobile technology that provides an engaging medium for students and makes learning more agile and improves the quality of education.

· Smart classrooms

The IoT altering typical learning ideologies, schools and universities alike are embracing a whole new world of technology concepts. IoT offering a more interactive and effective experience for both teachers and students. Smart classrooms include several IoT sensors and gadgets to improve the quality of education, IoT-powered whiteboards, smart microphones, etc are the best examples.

· Smart attendance monitoring

In schools attendance monitoring is a time consuming daily task, IoT enables automated attendance tracking. The data collection and analysis capability allows effective attendance monitoring and also for testing the student’s physical and mental condition, nutritional requirements, etc.

· Interactive learning

Mobile technology like IoT makes today’s learning aids moreover to paper and ink that incorporate additional videos, materials, animations, assessments, and other materials to aid the learning process, It helps students to acquire knowledge on new things with a better understanding and interaction with their friends and teachers. In the middle east region Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai offer, IoT enabled mobile apps that help for a major shift towards a powerful and smart future for students.

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· High security

IoT offers more effective security protocols like smart/connected security cameras, wireless door locks or room access systems, student ID cards with radio frequency identification device chips, text-based emergency alerts triggered by sensors, etc.

· Global education

Many underdeveloped countries may not have educational and professional opportunities for courses such as astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and artificial intelligence, etc, This technology allows the students can stay in the comfort of their homes and interact with others across the globe.

· Benefits for disabled students

IoT based solutions helped greatly to disabled students. Hearing, impaired students can wear gloves that are connected to a laptop or smartphone and these gloves and smartphones can work together to translate sign language into speech, is the best example

Above are some of the best benefits’ offered by IoT in the education industry. Technology is has revolutionized our world and continues to benefit us day in, day out. An IoT enabled educational solution developed by leading App Development Company in Dubai helps educational institutions to make learning more agile and improve the quality of education.

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How AI will improve cyber security ?

Let’s have a look at some of the best IoT educational apps.


Promethean offers interactive displays that combine multi-touch, dry-erase and natural writing technology, plus cloud-based lesson delivery software and personalized training for educators.


It allows us to quickly scan editable text from books, papers,d other documents directly into a phone, tablet or computer.


It designs, builds and tests education solutions for mobile and e-learning.


It offers digital learning environment personalizes the educational experience through virtual classroom.


It uses robots to teach coding languages like Python, C, Javascript, and MATLAB.


Nowadays e-learning became a common thing, the rise of mobile technology and the IoT allows schools to improve the education system.DxMinds Technologies is a leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai with a team of highly experienced designers and engineers who have successfully converted the ideas into IoT products and developed numerous IoT products like

Mixed Reality Educational App Solution

This Mixed Reality educational solution for pre, kindergarten and primary school syllabic helps to stimulate the growth of a child in a creative manner.

Learning Mobile App Development Solution

This is one of the unique solutions that nurture a kid’s childhood education and brings out the best individual in him.

If you are looking for one of the leading App Development Companies in Dubai to develop an IoT enabled educational app, please feel free to contact us.

How to boost the engagement of your brand with a mobile app ?

In the world of technologies, a mobility solution is the one-stop solution for all types of business needs and creating a real opportunity for brands to effectively connect with customers. Organizations are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage customers to succeed in today’s highly competitive market, so a mobile app correctly creates a communications channel for brands to learn from, adapt to, and to better address customer needs while simultaneously meeting business objectives.

In the middle east countries, many of the users have embraced the growth of technology and all are finding a trusted Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, they can provide mobile apps using the latest technology trends and intrigue the customers for the business. The adoption of an innovative and high performing mobile app will give a wide range of business benefits like

  • Be there for your customers every time
  • Develop a direct marketing channel
  • Give value to your customers
  • Build your brand and recognition
  • Enhance your customer engagement
  • Uniqueness
  • Increase customer loyalty

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Choose one of the leading Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai who can provide outstanding services from the ones that have woven a trust over years with quality services. Check out some of the significant ways in which a mobile app can boost your user engagement.

Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia

Mobile App Development Company in Kuwait

Develop a user-friendly and simple app

A user-friendly mobile app that will give an experience that is worth the choice and time of the visitors. First, do proper market research and understand the need of your target audience.Check the following characteristics to see if your mobile app is user-friendly or not.

  • Large Clear Fonts
  • Keep It Simple
  • should solve the user’s problem
  • Back Button
  • Round Corners
  • Fully Responsive
  • Fit The Format
  • Contrast For View
  • Right-Size Graphics


It is most important as it which helps to retain your customers and becomes more and more demanded every day. Apart from same push notifications or the same discount to everyone treat each customer based on who, or what, the user is.

  • Create user profiles
  • Create Groups Of Similar Users
  • Custom Marketing Campaigns
  • Location-Based Marketing

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Push Notifications function with Geofencing

Push notifications wisely to get your users excited about new features and make them re-engaged once more. For a successful business customer satisfaction should be always your ultimate goal. The advantages a business can acquire through push notifications are,

  • Stimulate user engagement
  • Re-engage/retain users
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Target the right users
  • Track actionable metrics

Geofencing is a virtual perimeter that is set around a particular geographical area it enables the user to discern the exact location the device is at, along with an accurate log of movements made. You can use it in effective ways to get the most out of geofencing, so when you approach any leading App Development Companies in Dubai make sure the following geofencing features.

  • Define Parameters Precisely
  • Go Hyper-Local
  • Use A/B Testing
  • Identify Your Target Audience

Social networks
Social media advertisements boost the app’s internet presence and user engagement of your app. It helps to send a brand’s messaging to the right people at the right time and hope your brand sticks out to them enough to be interested.

  • Faster and Easier communication
  • Networking & Partnerships
  • Boost Organic Visibility
  • Customer Feedback
  • Impress Potential Customers
  • Track Your Competition

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In-app referrals

In-app referral program helps to generate awareness about the app by bringing about a growth that is viral, but entirely organic. Let’s have a look at some of the Functionalities needed to make your app referral program a success.

  • Generating referral links
  • Sharing the referral links
  • Tracking the referring and the referred users
  • Garnering insights about the most influential referrers


Mobile applications have become the buzzword in the business world, so in this digital world, your brand needs a mobile app for success. Across the leading Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, a leader with experience and a talented team can offer you the best apps using technology trends like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbot, Blockchain, Internet of things, etc will take your business to the next level.

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How AI will improve cyber security

Artificial intelligence is the trending technology that is transforming every walk of human life.Being the wide-ranging tool that enables people to rethink how we integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights to improve decision making. You can see the impact of this technology everywhere on our society, business spheres, economy, etc.
At our workplace, in our homes, cars, on our phones and laptops all over the technology has always proved to be useful.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a trending technology help to create smart machines that enable computers to think or act in a more human way. Natural Language Processing, expert systems, speech recognition, and machine vision makes AI-enabled devices to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence.
Today we are getting more and more dependent on technology it exposes ourselves to all kinds of online threats. Today cyber security is a top of mind problem for everyone, business sectors facing cyber security issues like huge financial loss, business disruption, or brand reputation damage. In the middle east region, a leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai can provide the best AI solutions and services with high cyber security
Recent reports showing that one in five organizations were using artificial intelligence to improve cyber security. So let’s have a look at the reasons why organizations improving cyber security through AI.
Better detection and prediction of complex threats
The dynamic approaches like AI and Ml can detect and track active phishing sources and react and re mediate much quicker.AI helps to gather previous attack information and identify other potential attacks that could occur in the same vein.
Vulnerability Management
For a large volume organization Managing and prioritizing vulnerabilities is extremely difficult. Instead of simply waiting for hackers to exploit high-risk vulnerabilities AI enables the companies are proactively trying to address vulnerabilities by effectively combining multiple factors like hackers’ discussions , reputation of the hacker, patterns used, etc. before they wreak too much havoc. Leading Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai using AI to analyze the threat factors and use the information to determine when and how the threat might make its way to vulnerable targets.
Network Security
AI reduced the time, efforts and resources for the creation of security policy and figuring out an organization’s network topography by observing and learning network traffic patterns as well as suggesting security policies.

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Behavioral Analytics
Behavioral analytics ability allows ML algorithms to learn and create a pattern of your behavior by analyzing everything like your typical login times and IP addresses to your typing and scrolling patterns.
Best in class App Development Companies in Dubai creates AI-enabled mobile apps that help to meet your business needs securely. The following are some of the widespread cyber security challenges faced by most organizations today.
Skills Shortages
organizations are having an increased security risk because of a shortage of skilled security operations and threat intelligence resources.
Rising Cost of Security Breaches
Enabling AI security technologies replace human intervention in the identification and containment of cyber exploits or breaches.

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Alert Fatigue
Alert Fatigue help to identify a large number of threats going unidentified and unresolved.
AI is an intelligent technology that focuses on three cognitive skills like learning, reasoning, and self-correction. A huge array of expert Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai enables businesses to take advantage of artificial intelligence. Have a look at some of the ways your company can benefit from AI technology.

  • Automation helps to save money and time
  • Increase productivity and operational efficiencies
  • Faster business decisions
  • Reduce ‘human errors
  • Offer customers the best, personalized experience
  • Help to generate quality leads and grow your customer base
  • Increase revenue through maximizing sales opportunities
  • Offering intelligent advice and support for business growth

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Cyber security is becoming the need of the hour to evict attackers before any serious damage can be done, so AI-enabled systems are an integral part of cyber security solutions. In this digital world, Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai play a key role in companies’ defense strategy by offering AI cyber security-enabled apps help to prepare for upcoming and imminent cyber threats.

Best platforms for building mobile apps

Today peoples are relay on mobile apps for everything including communication, finance management and also for product purchasing, etc. that’s why businesses are quickly adopting mobile technology. Mobile apps help to grow your business by boosting brand awareness, improving customer service experience, acting as the best marketing tool, help to acquire more customers and also generate more income.

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So the importance of mobile apps in business is already proven, a mobile app with new touch points like chat,voice, augmented reality and wearable experiences will take your business to the next level. If you already decide on the digital transformation for your business in the Middle East region, the next big thing is to choose the best mobile platform and the leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai for your business needs?.

Here I put together some of the top app building platforms that Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai using to develop apps that are flawless in functionality and are aesthetically brilliant.

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Appy Pie

Appy pie is a cloud-based enterprise mobile app development tool allows those who are building apps for the first time and are novices in the field to build a perfect mobile app. It is offering a huge array of unique features including in-app purchases, ads, upload eBooks and other intense content, connect databases, integrate social media, build instant messaging apps, and so much more. This app platform is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses as it offers the freedom to build apps for free and then move to subscription plans that suit their budgets.

It will work on major platforms like Windows, Mac, & Linux and having a radio app builder, Prototyping tool for Android and iPhone, provide app analytics, multiple features like IAP, push messages, GPS, etc and the platinum plan allow you to remove AppyPie branding.

An app platform with features including food ordering, e-commerce, loyalty program, third-party app integrations, push notifications, app analytics, and more helpful for the business to create mobile apps using a really simple process. It will be more useful for industries like marketing agencies, restaurants, beauty salons, real estate agents, etc.
Being one of the great app building platform it allows to access to Google fonts library to select a font from over 800 fonts, ready templates for different industries and a set of 1000 icons, has features for marketing, technology, and design, provides 20 App Credits, App Integrations, Unlimited PWA and also features like Messages, Menu, Info-1-Tire, Info-2-Tire, Info-3-Tire, Mailing list.

One of the best app development platforms allows us to build cross-platform apps using React Native and comes with really great design, UX and templates. It supports multiple content sources, various Monetization features like E-commerce, Mobile Advertising, Promoting Local Business, Automated publishing facility to iTunes and Google Play, analytics to analyze your user behavior and helps you to optimize your app, can be integrated with WordPress, Drupal, Ning, Facebook, and Twitter.

It is a cloud-based app builder capable of producing native apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and responsive web apps and hybrid apps across all devices. It provides the features for team management, allows 50K to 200K platform API calls per month, the facility of App backup with all the pricing plans, facilities like Enterprise-grade-SLAs, Private deployment, Account Management, supports customization and advanced development through custom UI components, writing custom JS or CSS, advanced storage layer, source code editing, model-based data structure, etc.

AppMakr is one of the biggest app makers in the UK having the features like calendar and booking system for adding events, rich media regularly, Push notifications & Messages, Social Media Integrations, Geo Listings, Loyalty Program, Online Payments and also You will get full brand control.

Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia


Being one of the effective business tools,business is taking their presence in mobile platforms. So if you decide to adopt a mobile strategy at the enterprise level and transform your business, a few things like Strengthen customer engagement, Increase accessibility, Provide value for customers, Provide value for customers, Cultivate customer loyalty and Unique services and payment are the benefits. The demand for business digitization in UAE is increasing day by day it makes high competition between the Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai. Whatever mobile apps ensure a big success for your business.

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