In this digital era, the mobile app has become an important part of travel eCommerce. The rise in the adoption of smartphones and tablets has affected airlines, OTA, and hospitality players. The eMarketer research, digital travel sales reached 16.7 percent higher than the previous year. It is proven that technology makes every aspect of travel planning a little easier. In the Middle East region, the value of the online travel market is predicted to reach 15 billion dollars.

Leading  App Development Companies in Dubai help the travel market in Dubai to go beyond the expectations. Tailor-made mobile applications with the help of leading Mobile Apps Development Company in Dubai improve the business in Middle East travel agencies.

So let’s have a look at how to build an innovative app for flight search and hotel booking.

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Choose which type of travel app you needed among booking, accommodation booking, transport apps, and travel guides apps.

Conduct competitor backlink research and go for a detailed analysis of their advantages, and disadvantages, that help you to make your app better.

Add the MVP features like user account, social sharing booking, in-app payment, and location-based search & filters.

Make a digital partnership with a leading App Development Company in Dubai that proves its expertise with previous projects.

Be up to date with the latest current trends, determine the project scope and milestones, and find the best technical solutions.

To make your app stand out from the crowd apart from hiring the best Apps Development Company in Dubai, you should consider the following key points.

Give priority to users and their needs, the better you know, understand and anticipate your audience, the more valuable a proposition you can present to them.

Competitor analysis is very important and freeing you from a huge pool of work.

 A leading Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai should help you to define the concept depending on market trends

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Going mobile will have the following benefits.

It helps improve your customer’s experience and providing them with a platform to manage their trip end-to-end, directly from their mobile.

Helps to improve the brand awareness of your agency you can stay connected to your traveler throughout their trip by providing instant access to the content they want.

Keep travelers engaged post-booking means to allow agencies to communicate with travelers after they have booked. 

It helps Reduce agency service costs by enabling travelers to self-serve through mobile, a travel agency can drive down global call volumes. 

It helps to increase revenue that isn’t possible through other channels.

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The travel and tourism industry is one of the biggest industries in the Middle East regions. The following are the famous travel apps in the Middle East region.

 RTA Dubai

Dubai Tourism

Time Out Dubai Travel Apps

Uber UAE

Dubai Metro

Dubai Mall

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The cost of developing a travel app will vary in Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai based on the size and complexity of around $10, 000 to $90,000. When you travel mobile application became popular, its owners applied different monetization models to gain profit.

 In-app advertising, the advertiser pays the app owner for running ads across the app and access to the app user base.

The app owner receives a commission from every booking or payment made in the app.

 To receive access to advanced app functionality you can premium version. 

Source code How to Build an Innovative App for the Flight Search and Hotel Booking Industry in 2020


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