iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, WeChat, or ChapStick are well known to everyone today. In Middle East countries social media has become one of the most essential parts of daily internet usage and the Emirati population has taken to social media like fish to water. Like any other country, you can see the large scale rise in the adoption of smartphones in the UAE.

For any business, communication is the driving force behind productivity. Entrepreneurs from different industries making a partnership with leading Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai to achieve the business goal. Among business owners who decide to pursue the idea of developing a messenger app, the question often arises is how to make a chat app?
In the development process of messaging apps, you should have a clear idea about the standard and additional features of the best chat apps, technology stack needed to create chat app, costs required to develop a messaging app.
Let’s have a detailed look

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Must-have functionality of messaging app

Let’s have a look at the core functionalities needed in a messaging in-app.
Instant messaging

The main feature of messaging app is that fast and small messages can deliver form one user within a small amount of time, so this is the main feature of messaging apps including features like the status of delivery, unsent message, group chats, etc. The following are some core features that leading App Development Companies in Dubai including in the messaging apps to make the app unique.

Secret chat delivery status
Unsent message
Group chats

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Voice and video messages

It allows users to send video and audio messages when the customer doesn’t want to type long messages.

Voice and video calls

Adding more communication trending features you provide, the more convenient your app will be for users including group video calls.

File exchange

This feature allows the instant sharing of photos, GIFs, videos, documents, and other content and also helps the user to send multiple files over the same time.

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Photo editing

One of the most popular types of files to exchange is the photo. With the help of a leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai add some amazing features.

Public channels

Messaging applications are a powerful marketing tool that companies, bloggers, and professional communities use these apps to make announcements. The admins only can create posts in public channels; subscribers can like and comment on existing posts.

There are two types of social network integration quick registration and file sharing. The quick registration allows the user to choose to link their messenger profile with a social network profile it saves time on typing information. The file-sharing via social media accounts, some messengers provide custom buttons on the websites that allow users to share posts from the websites directly in the messenger.

Technology stack needed to create a chat app

Communication protocols

Choose a communication protocol that is especially important for a messaging app since it should provide a seamless and low-latency connection between all chat participants. Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol (XMPP), Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), WebSockets are some of the communication protocols you might consider.

Programming language

Choose a programming language for server-side implementation and the back end must be reliable, scalable, and support millions of connections per node. Leading Mobile App Developers in Dubaialso using Golang and Erlang as it proved reliable solutions for messaging app development.

Storing chat history

Storing chat history is very important in a messaging app, there are two approaches in the cloud, storing data in the cloud means that messages will be available when a user switches to another device. Viber allows users to back up their chat history in Google Drive and also users can enable auto backup, but this feature stores only text messages.

Implementation details

Overall app architecture
A real-time messaging app is responsible for establishing a connection between a client and a server for authentication, event processing, message routing, and other purposes.
Media service, queue, File storage, database cluster, key-value cache cluster, time-series database, notification service, SMS service and push notifications service are important for messaging apps.
Message flow
The messages are distributed in a group with three participants like the sender to API Node 1 via the Load Balancer, API Node 1 processes the message, the Queue delivers the message to each API Node, API Node 2 skips the message for the Web Client but delivers it to the iOS client and API Node 3 skips the message for the iOS client and deliver to Web Client.
Architectural patterns
With the help of a leading Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai choose the right architectural pattern to compete with market leaders.
Audio and video calls
Using WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) a common solution for audio and video calls.

The availability of super-fast internet and smartphone at very low prices makes mobile apps to everyone. The mobile app development market in UAE is highly competitive, so if you have a plan for messaging app hire the best Mobile Apps Development Company in Dubai for your next big app.

Source code An extensive guide to messaging app development in Middle East


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